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What Makes Whalley’s Four Seasons Roofing Different?
At Whalley’s Four Seasons Roofing, our owner, estimator and roofer Ed Whalley brings to the business over 35 years of experience. Having started in the roofing industry at the age of 16, he worked for his father’s business in Montreal. Ed comes from a long line of roofers starting as far back as his grandfather. Today, Ed continues to shape his own business on quality, time-perfected workmanship.

Accurate and Thorough Estimates

Whalley’s Four Seasons Roofing provides thorough and accurate free estimates. After our initial inspection of your roof, we offer the finished estimate, thoroughly reviewed with you. All questions are answered and any further details are cleared up. In the past, we have had prospective clients claim that another estimator quoted a lower price. Anyone searching for a roofing contractor should beware. A lower price may mean lower quality workmanship. Make sure to take all necessary precautions when hiring a roofer to avoid a disastrous situation.

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