Why wait for leak, Do your Calgary roof inspection now before winter!

Calgary roof inspection

Your roof could be leaking right now, causing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars of damage, and you don’t even know it. In fact, many more problems are only discovered after they reached an advanced age – after leakage has dramatically damage the roof, the insulation, as support beams.

Calgary roof inspection

Calgary roof inspection

Roofs can leak for years before you see the evidence.

Most often, homeowners only pay attention to their roots if there is water leaking in a house, and a notice brown stains on their ceiling, or if there is crack paint or peeling wallpaper- all obvious signs of leaks. But Bruce can leak up to 2 to 4 years before you see the evidence on the inside of the house. By this time the leak has cost thousands of dollars in damage, dry rot, Fungus, mold and you might as well replace all your insulation. Not only will you have to replace the majority of your roof but also the complete infrastructure your roof sits on.

Have you inspected at least once every 2- 4 years.
This will add life to your roof, and avoid premature roof failure and probably thousands of dollars in damage if not the need to replace the entire roof. The National roofing contractors Association (NRCA) recommends two inspections per year, but the majority of homeowners won’t do it. To be realistic we advise to have your roof inspected at least every 2 to 4 years.
Especially in Calgary,  let’s face it over the last couple of years we’ve had some really crazy weather in Calgary, hail, wind storms, and holy crap even a tornado or two.

you can do inspection yourself, looking for shingles that are buckling, curling, blustering or missing altogether; listen to where around chimneys, pipes and other penetration sites. Another telltale sign is shingle granules in your gutters which indicates advance where. But let’s face it is better to get a professional special roof, someone who knows what looking for, and who’s used to walking around on roofs for safety ( G-d forbid you were to fall off your roof).

At Whalley’s will give you a written report of the damage and will inspect everything on the roof, the parapets, the flashing and drainage system, the shingles and substructures. We mean everything! We also take photographs to show you as we feel great communication and customer service is the most important thing.

Some companies offer a free will inspection, but you have to wonder if that will be a unbiased inspection or they’re just trying to make you do unnecessary repairs.

Richard Boon, Deputy technical director of the roofing industrial educational Institute, recommends paying For a robust session. He will end up paying for the inspection anyway, as it will be hidden within the cost of the repair.

A small price to pay for the insurance and peace of mind.

the cost of the inspection is negligible compared to the cost of replacing the or repairing the roof which makes regular roof inspections a wise investment. What you prefer to find potential leaks and related damage before they become real problems and before you need to seriously major bills!

Our service is assured as we continue to spread out excellence in the community. We anticipate servicing your needs in the future.
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Calgary roof inspection